My name is Carla, I am a yoga teacher of Apulian origin, but now I live in Liguria, near the city of La Spezia.

I started practicing yoga in 1993, soon after getting my university degree, during my first journey to India where I discovered the true secrets of this discipline that had enchanted me since my early childhood, when I used to watch my grandmother practicing it. From then onwards, I went back to India whenever I could. There I met all my Masters and learnt different kinds of teachings from several schools.

In 2002 I met my most important teacher, Mansoor, and decided to give up the marketing job in France I did then, working for the fashion group MaxMara. So I left my business career to regularly attend yoga courses and Vipassana meditation retreats.

In that same year, I also attended a course for yoga teachers (TTC) at the Sivananda Kutir Netala Himalayas school, in India, and started my yoga teaching career.

I never stopped my training, learning from the many and different Indian cultures and traditional disciplines, and I never stopped my search, extending the horizon of my skills and experience, also improving my knowledge on the healthcare aspects of an appropriate Ayurvedic diet.

In 2013, as part of my social commitment in my community, I started teaching in an anti-violence centre and attending other special yoga courses, such as yoga for kids and chair yoga.

In 2016 I met Dinah Rodrigues, the ninety-year-old Brazilian creator and promoter of a special yoga sequence called Hormone Yoga Therapy. With her, I learnt to teach different kinds of Hormone Yoga Therapy practices: anti-stress for menopause and women, for men’s hormones, and for diabetes. Those practices are already widespread and common in USA and Canada, as their positive effects are proved and visible.

Now I am trying to promote and spread Dinah’s Hormone Yoga Therapy practices through a series of courses and seminars in several cities from North to South Italy.

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