Hatha Yoga

What is Hatha Yoga and why is it useful?

Hatha Yoga is a complete training method for body, mind and spirit that is realized into a real lifestyle: the art of living well. Hatha Yoga was designed thousands of years ago and has since been practiced extensively in India and not only.
Everyone can practice Hatha Yoga. The best way of doing it is through the guide of a good teacher who can help you learn the techniques in a more balanced and harmonious way.
By practicing yoga, you set up your whole being in motion and will slowly find your own best suitable way, which will be articulated and suggestive.
A good teacher shall have heaps of experience in training the newbies and shall follow any stage of their training, from their very first approach to the most complex practice that will become their daily lifestyle.

How to start

The best way of approaching Hatha Yoga is attending one or more introductory classes to be able to assess the cultural dimension involved in this kind of cognitive process and practice, and one’s availability to embrace it.

The first step is being aware that, as Swami Sivananda wisely pointed out, «An ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory.»

According to the Sivananda tradition, yoga classes follow a fixed structure of 90 minutes each, consisting of:

  • A short initial relaxation
  • Pranayama, breathing exercises
  • Sun salutation, dynamic sequence
  • Asanas, practice of yoga poses
  • Deep relaxation

It is a very balanced practice: your spine is trained on any motion level to keep its flexibility which helps toning up all nerve endings.
Breathing and relaxation are very important stages as they stimulate concentration even while physically practicing asanas, distracting your mind from thoughts and everyday worries, and facilitating your well-being.
At the end of each class, you always feel full of energy as well as permeated with a profound calmness.

More courses…

Yoga for the Spine

Following the above mentioned traditional class structure, this is a lighter kind of practice with some adjusted poses for people who suffer from spine rigidity or just prefer a less intense activity.

Mild Yoga with Breath Awareness

This is an excellent practice for anyone who suffers from spine and joint problems.
Classes are focused on breath awareness coordinated with motion and relaxation.

Yoga for Newbies

This course includes 5 classes of 75 minutes each

Vegetarian Kitchen Workshop

«Quality of Mind depends upon Quality of Food»
«The mind is made out of the subtle essence of food»
«An aspirant should be very, very careful in the selection of articles of diet»

(Swami Sivananda)

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