Yoga for Children, BALYAYOGA methodA

A good yoga practice helps children’s potential to flourish and improves their self-expression skills. In that sense, we may say that yoga educates in the very old sense of the term (from Latin: e(x), “out”, duc- “lead”, meaning “draw out”).
Their yoga teacher shall respect their physiological rhythms, their constant wish to play and dream.
This yoga practice should accompany children through their growth process but standing aside, in order to allow them being and feeling the only true protagonists of this great adventure.
The recreational aspect of each yoga for children class helps the little ones to create the right reception space which is essential to listen to your own body, to learn how to let off tensions and relax, to improve the quality of your concentration and feel better in the company of your mates.
One of the pros of the Balyayoga method is creating a playful space-time room through games, asanas (yoga poses), arts activities and silence.
Yoga poses are named after plants, animals and natural elements and from them they draw their inspiration to improve body awareness in children.
Through the arts activities children can give utterance to their feelings and express their inner world.
Through silence and concentration they get used to listen to their inner thoughts and world.
Yoga can help the children solve little or big discomforts, reduce their stress and also better face their learning challenges.
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